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  • Stonefell

    Stonefell, an underground town consisting of a wide array of tunnels . No human, elf or other have ever set its foot inside. The only one to pass are insiders (only Dwarves), an unknown number of Dwarven guards guard this ancestral place. Highly …

  • Kaz Runheim

    A midsized dwarf city in the western edge of the Spire Mountains that was recently attacked by a giant invasion for unknown circumstances. Much of their defensive force was slayed, and the city now lies weak to attackers.

  • The Earthen Fist

    The Earthen Fist is a part of the [[Royal faction | Royal faction]]. They are mostly dwarfs and are led by Highlord Rurik, and their High seat is in [[Stonefell | Stonefell]]. This was the first faction ever to rule all of Kreatia, and it was they who …

  • Balderk Runheim

    Balderk was born and raised in Kaz Runheim. When a tribe of giants attacked Kaz Runheim. Balderk proved his skills, courage and loyality. When others ran or hid, Balderk stood fighting till all but none of the giants lied dead on the ground. For this …

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