my first campaign

The First Session part 2

They arrived in Kahir and asked around about the soldiers they were chasing. in the Temple they found a priest who told them about the graveyard. at the graveyard the found a crypt which they of course explored. in the crypt they found a lot of undead creatures, and some treasures. When they found some huge doors they rested at the town. When they came back, they slew 15 skeletons and a ghoul raised by an evil cleric. They chased the antagonist into the next room and defeated him in an epic battle of extreme proportions (for being level 3). They tilted the battle in their favor when Krisanion did a massive 34 damage to the cleric. After the battle they took a long bath in their new shiny loot including their new bloodstone bastard sword.

First session part 1

Noir got arrested. Krissanion and Balderk came to rescue him. They talked to the men in charge of the soldier camp, but got rejected by a mysterious necromancer. they came back and talked to balin, and he advised them to spy on the camp. they found an opening in the defenses and rescued Noir and killing only five guards in the process. they went into the necromancer’s tent and found a note that led them to Kahir. They hid for the night in Balins weapon storage, and headed on their way north. On their way they met a hungry orge who spoke elvish who wanted 2 wolves in meat. They beat the living crap out of the ogre and left him crying on the side of the road. When they finally made camp for the night, they met a dwarven soldier from a The Earthen Fist company. When they went to sleep they got attacked by a bunch of mysterious zombies.


må finn på en historie!


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